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Summer's Best Travel T-Shirts

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Summer is all about vacationing – about travel -  about getting away from the ordinary. Everyone wants to hit the beach or go to a hill station to enjoy the comfort of water and the weather.  
T-shirts are the easiest thing to pack – they’re light weight, have minimal wrinkles and cotton ones absorb sweat.
Let’s face it, we all want t-shirts which are comfortable and trendy. But do those actually exist?
The simple answer is ‘yes!’…let’s deep dive to find out which ones you truly require.

1. Classic round necks. Made of cotton, these t-shirts can be teamed up with everything – from jeans to shorts. Enjoy the intrinsic stretch that cotton has and that lends itself to all summer sports.

[This tropical green printed T-shirt has a round neck and half sleeves. It is made of cotton, which makes it comfortable to wear all day long. Team it up with beige shorts and a pair of loafers for a day at the beach. Click here to view. ]

2. Contemporary stripes. Striped t-shirts have made a comeback in a much more modern way. The stripes have gotten thicker and the colours paler. Sport this t-shirt for a day out on your bike!

[Yellow in colour, T-shirt with horizontal stripes and V-neck offer an ideal blend between contemporary style and masculine charm. This cotton T-shirt is irresistible fashion wear for summer. Click here to view.]

3. All-aboard Polos. Polos are a great buy – they’re incredibly versatile and look absolutely perfect for a vacation. An interesting twist on the polos comes with shorter collars and paler mottled colours.

[This red, half sleeved polo T-shirt is a wardrobe must-have. This is in regular fit t-shirt with four buttons gives it a classic and fun look. Click here to view.]

At Impressions, we really try and present something unique and something that will add value to you. So please do browse and buy and let us know if these t-shirts make heads turn!



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