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Best Men’s Jackets For Autumn/ Winter

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Summer is long gone, and now, you’ve got to be autumn/winter ready! No matter how ‘classic’ jackets are, they’re constantly being adapted to fit seasonal trends. Presenting a quick and easy style guide, for the best men’s jackets, for autumn/ winter ’17. In keeping with this season’s trends. If you're looking to add versatility and warmth to your autumn/winter wardrobe, BOLD Jackets are the one for you.

Before we start with the must-have jackets in your wardrobe, here are two important things you should keep in mind:

  • What kind of fit would suit your body type?
  • What size to shop for?

These are perennial questions that plague everyone’s mind and it’s best to refer to size charts online before purchase.

We’ve got a collection of versatile and trendy pieces that you should have in your wardrobe and are absolute essentials -      

1. Wool Blended Jackets

Though jackets traditionally fall under the ‘formal’ category, but they’re also great for casual wear. These jackets lend themselves to light winter layering. Pair this up with a shirt/sweater, denims and boots for a sharp day look. These jackets are designed to keep you warm all day long. 

2. Tweed Jackets

Tweeds are timeless and versatile. It’s a classic fabric and with its woven structure and durable finish, it has become a staple for the season. Pair a checkered olive green jacket with denims, a shirt and a sleeveless sweater. Accessorize this look with a muffler in a contrast colour.

3. Flannel Jackets

Flannel jackets are really in this season. To pick a flattering one for yourself, choose a colour and style that suits your personality. Shopatimpressions has a fantastic range – especially for self-printed flannel jackets. Try a red flannel jacket for a regal look - pair it with a white crisp shirt, black trousers and a black bow tie in velvet for occasions like cocktail parties and formal dinners.

4. Pure Wool Jackets

Pure wool jackets are a luxury. They are soft and drape excellently. These jackets will keep you comfortable and warm. From a blue jacket to a checkered jacket to a classic black one, they all go well with both formal and casual looks.

There’s your guide to fabrics and textures that you can choose!

Hope this helps you in buying the perfect jacket with the right fit, colour and size for your autumn/winter wardrobe.

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